IGW welcomes all submissions. The following will provide some tips for submission, help us improve the editing and publishing processes and ensure the highest accuracy and quality of content.

Story Submission
All submissions are subject to editing. Editing of a submission is not a reflection on the writer, but is most often a function of space availability, consistency, writer voice and other editorial concerns.


  • IGW does not pay for magazine submissions.

Byline or Submission Credit

  • Please be sure to include your name, state or province and title with each submission you write.
  • If you are submitting someone else’s work with permission, please include their name, state or province and title in addition to details regarding where and when the article was originally published.


  • Microsoft Word files sent on disk or as email attachments are preferred.
  • Word Perfect can usually be converted to MSWord and is acceptable.
  • Other software files can be difficult to convert and should be avoided if possible.
  • Please forward to editor@igwmagazine.com for consideration.

Text Formatting

  • Please send your story in plain text files or unformatted documents.
  • Use only one font and one point size. Times New Roman, 12 point is our standard.
  • Avoid the use of special bullets, tabs, bolding, underlining, italic, extra paragraph returns, space bar formatting and double spaces after periods. Publishing format is applied during layout.

Hard Copy

  • Hard copy story submissions, especially lengthy ones, should include the file on a disk in addition to a printed copy.
  • Send to
    Marshall Nych
    Editor, International Game Warden Magazine
    301 Lamor Road
    Mercer, PA 16137
  • Email: igweditor@gmail.com