International Game Warden Magazine

IGW is a growing trade magazine dedicated to serving the professionals in natural resource and wildlife law enforcement. In our early years, primarily serving US and Canadian conservation officers, IGW became known as “THE trade publication of the profession” In North America.

Illinois Conservation 0fficer Don Hastings and his family launched IGW in 1984. although the idea had been percolating for years. Part of our founders’ vision was to create a means for officers to communicate with one another. Don credits a brave 1000 officers for IGWs early success _ they subscribed to the concept, and supported the effort, well before the first IGW Magazine was Published. In 1999, after producing 58 issues of the

magazine over 14 years. the Hastings retired for the second time and sold the magazine to Creative Street. The North American Wildlife Enforcement 0fficers Association (NAWEOA) took over with the fall 2002 issue and continues expanding with the gracious support of this profession and the public’s fascination with conservation heroes.

IGW has truly entered the international conservation arena. First, we are broadening our content to better reflect global conservation concerns. Second, we are actively expanding our international subscriber base to reach more conservation professionals. especially in areas where resources and training opportunities are limited.

IGW works closely with the US and Canadian concerns of NAWEOA, Federal Wildlife Officers Association. International Association of Natural Resource Crimestoppers and Canada National Park Warden Association in addition to state and provincial associations and agencies. We have recently forged a relationship with International Ranger Federation, an active force in advancing this profession throughout the world.

Our Focus

Our content is specific to the work and interests of Conservation enforcement. Regular columns include:

  • firearms training
  • communication
  • parktrols
  • game warden book reviews
  • a comprehensive digest of case investigations
  • work outside North America

Longer Features address topics such as:

  • dangerous animal or poacher situations
  • forensics
  • professional commentaries
  • officer assults
  • animal human conflicts and trends
  • a history of the profession

Each issue we publish detailed stories of big cases and busts- both to acknowledge officer’ good work and serve as training reference for other wardens and rangers.