“I read it from cover to cover.”
Special Agent Timothy Santel, USFWS
President, Federal Wildlife Officers Association

“I keep IGW on hand as a long-term resource. I refer back to it regularly.”
Officer Kevin Clayton,
Massachusetts Environmental Police

“Reading IGW is the best way to keep in touch with what is going on in wildlife law enforcement.”
Randy Hancock,
President, North American Wildlife Officers Association

“International Digest keeps me current on trends and events in natural resource enforcement around the world.”
Captain Les Wilson,
New York Department of Environmental Conservation

“I find IGW articles useful because they not only tell us about wildlife law enforcement technology, but also tell individual stories that lend to officer safety.”
Conservation Officer Bruce Bertwell
Kansas Wildlife and Parks

“There is no doubt IGW is the best Warden magazine in the business.”
Conservation Officer Paul McGhie
Bella Coola, British Columbia

“I find IGW magazine informative and educational, particularly for its wildlife enforcement patrol stories.”
Officer Hetherwick G. Msiska
Senior Assistant of Parks and Wildlife Research
Malawi Republic, Africa

“I have now received my first subscription and it is a beautiful magazine! Congratulations.”
Mary Shaw, outdoor writer, Ontario

“It is important to me to see what other officers are facing in their jurisdictions…I want to retain every issue for future reference.”
Mark Halley
President, National Park Warden Association

“IGW helps to keep us informed of news and information within the conservation law enforcement profession, which helps the students gain a better understanding of their future job.”
Donna L. Minnis, Ph.D., Advisor
Mississippi State University Student Chapter of NAWEOA

“IGW is a tremendous resource, promoting our profession, providing contacts, work-related training…Thank you so much.”
Great Lakes CO Bruce Ward

“Great job…some good new ideas and good format. Just wanted to send along my congratulations on a well-done effort.”
Don Hastings, founder and former editor International Game Warden magazine

“Putting photos of officers reading your magazine on the back cover was a great idea. It helps put faces to names…”
Scott Burger, Missouri Conservation Agent

“I have been a subscriber to IGW for a year now, and am very impressed with the publication.”
Chuck Stout, State Park Officer and K-9 handler, Lake Milton State Park

“Thanks for producing this exceptional magazine…keep up the good work!”
Mark Robbins, Faculty
Natural Resource Law Enforcement Program
Sir Sanford Fleming College